How Car Air Conditioning Works

AC or Air Conditioning, serves to condition air in the car. What is meant by conditioning is to lower the temperature and reduce the humidity level of air in the passenger cabin. The main principle of how the AC system works is actually four: evaporation, condensation, compression, and expansion. Let’s see one by one understanding of the four principles you can also see Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

How Car Air Conditioning Works



Have you ever rubbed the back of your palm using alcohol? Eventually you will feel cold. That process is called evaporation.


Imagine that you are in a warm room. The outdoor temperatures are very cold. Then there is the one who glazed into your room. Have you noticed that the glasses he wore will be dewy? That is the so-called condensation process.


Have you ever pumped a bicycle tire? Have you noticed that when you pump, the tip of the pump will feel hot? This happens because the pumped energy has been attached to the air molecules. The result is heat.


At some point, high air pressure in a closed space will change the properties of the substance to liquid. As the process of expansion progresses, the nature of the hot air turns cold.

So a brief explanation of how the AC system works in your car. If you need something for your car then you can visit Car Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

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