Why You Should Choose Iveco Deliver Vans?

No matter what kind of business you are, you might need a good delivery vans to do sales. A good delivery vans should have safety, security and also capability to load a good amount of item, storage them properly and then transport anywhere you need. One of the best closed box van that capable to deliver any item to anyone you need is Iveco Daily. Check Truck1 for more information about this Iveco Daily Delivery Vans.

Made in Bologna, Italy,  Iveco Delivery vans are having heavy duty build that capable to carry huge load and offer great performance. Having Fiat-Sourced diesel engines 2.3 liter and Ducato Wheel Drive, Iveco Delivery Vans are capable to provide 205 Horse Power. More than capable to moving heavy load, this vans are agile at low speed and allow you to move easily during traffic jam or slow traffic.

The 2.3 liter diesel engine are also allow you to steer full loaded vans with ease, powered by a six-speed manual or you may choose eight-speed automatic gearbox for seamless driving. Build on a ladder-frame chassis, you can customize this vans according to your need. You may also customize this vans into reliable food truck! With 19.6 cubic meters and 7 tons capacity, no other vans come close to matching this super vans. The article was created in cooperation with Truck1!

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